Had lasik before i knew i was pregnant?

There are no specific contraindications for banning LASIK during pregnancy. The surgery will not harm the developing fetus. However, changes in vision caused by the new hormonal balance can give a false indication of vision measurement, which will disappear once the pregnancy ends. Many women after pregnancy have new rules.

The idea that LASIK eliminates glasses and contact lenses so that you can devote all your attention to the baby becomes desirable. Houston LASIK strongly recommends waiting until after the baby is born to perform LASIK, or the second option is to perform surgery before pregnancy. If a woman is breastfeeding, tell the Houston doctor, as some medications prescribed for care after surgery may appear in breast milk, such as antibiotics and pain medications. Many times, in the first few weeks, a woman does not know that she has become pregnant.

There's no harm to the fetus, but understand that some adjustments may need to be made in LASIK surgery if hormones change things permanently. Pregnancy can also cause a decrease in tear production, causing some women to experience dry eyes and increased discomfort caused by contact lenses. Because of subsequent tear film alterations on the ocular surface, pregnant women may experience visual fluctuations and slower recovery after LASIK. LASIK surgery is a lifelong decision, so it's best to have LASIK surgery when all considerations are as ideal as possible.

LASIK patients usually receive a mild sedative, such as a low dose of Percocet or Valium, before LASIK to improve patient comfort during the brief procedure. In general, it's acceptable to have LASIK surgery between pregnancies, as long as the mother is not breastfeeding and meets all four criteria to be a good candidate for LASIK surgery. All patients who undergo LASIK surgery receive some medications for treatment, and one of them, a mild sedative for anxiety offered during the procedure itself, is optional (although, understandably, most patients choose to accept the medication to relax during the procedure itself). Hopefully, your LASIK specialist will want to see you for an additional examination visit to ensure consistency and ensure the best possible long-term success of LASIK surgery.

Thanks to the quick procedure and fast recovery time, LASIK eye surgery will help you achieve your vision goals without wasting time with your baby. Alternatively, if you're not currently pregnant, you can always plan to have LASIK eye surgery before pregnancy. Therefore, deferring LASIK for pregnant women can ensure the best LASIK results and avoid affecting the health of mothers and their babies. Therefore, to avoid unnecessary discomfort and discomfort, we recommend waiting until after pregnancy to undergo LASIK surgery.

I get this question about LASIK eye surgery during pregnancy very often and this is what I say. Since the number of patients whose vision becomes slightly blurred years after the LASIK procedure is 1% and of women who have had a similar experience but have combined it with pregnancy, my hypothesis is that pregnancy does not affect LASIK. So, if you're pregnant (or planning to be) pregnant, but want to have LASIK eye surgery in the near future, what can you do now?.

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