How long do the results of lasik surgery last?

While the effects of LASIK surgery are permanent, the benefits may diminish over time. For most patients, LASIK results will last a lifetime. Most people continue to see the effects of LASIK forever. However, some may need to have a LASIK booster surgery after 10 years.

The reason for this may vary depending on the age at which you are undergoing LASIK and your vision health. So, while your LASIK results don't change after 10 years, your eyes can. Does LASIK eye surgery last forever? Only if your eyes do not change throughout your life, which, as you will discover, is unlikely. Most people who undergo LASIK remain satisfied with their vision after 10 years.

During the LASIK surgical procedure, corneal tissue is remodeled. This tissue doesn't grow back, so the effects of LASIK last the rest of your life. It's still possible that your visual acuity will decrease due to other natural reasons. As for the long-term results of LASIK eye surgery, visual fluctuations can occur as a result of eye changes over time.

For people over 40 to 45 years of age who choose LASIK surgery to correct myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism, the prognosis is good and the improvement in vision achieved will be maintained for many years. Once the full healing process after LASIK eye surgery has been completed, you will achieve your optimal visual acuity. Find out what to consider when choosing an alternative procedure to LASIK for your eye surgery needs. While LASIK changes your vision permanently, there are reasons why your vision may change after LASIK surgery.

If you opted for LASIK surgery before that age for nearsightedness, farsightedness, or astigmatism, you'll likely notice changes that require the need for reading glasses for reading and working closely during your forties. Some studies have concluded that, during the first year after surgery, LASIK without a scalpel has a lower risk of regression than LASIK with a blade. No one knows what changes the eye will naturally undergo with age, but LASIK surgery won't stop these changes. If you're not sure if you should have LASIK laser eye surgery again, consult your surgeon or doctor.

While changes in vision after LASIK surgery are inevitable, the procedure can still produce many years of good vision before these problems arise. Most patients who undergo LASIK surgery see immediate improvements in their vision and no longer need to wear glasses. How long these changes last after the LASIK procedure will depend on how old you are when you undergo LASIK and whether you have any other progressive eye conditions. However, some specific factors contribute to answering the question of “how long does LASIK eye surgery last”, such as age and changes in vision, such as presbyopia or astigmatism.

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