What are the contraindications to lasik refractive surgery?

A patient classified as absolutely contraindicated for laser vision correction cannot undergo eye surgery with LASIK. This is because this person has a clinical finding that inhibits the procedure or because of general health conditions that do not allow them to undergo LASIK surgery. Pregnancy is an absolute contraindication for CVC, for several reasons. Pregnancy can cause refractive instability and dry eyes, leading to poor long-term outcomes.

In addition, any LVC procedure carries a small risk of needing to prescribe oral steroids (for example, in the case of severe diffuse lamellar keratitis) and, if possible, steroids should be avoided during pregnancy. In general, surgeons also do not recommend refractive surgery during breastfeeding, for the same reasons as during pregnancy, although some surgeons will be willing to consider surgery if there were no refractive changes during pregnancy. Before patients undergo LASIK eye surgery, the surgeon checks if there is sufficient quantity and quality of tears. With improvement, LASIK has become the most popular refractive surgery method in the United States, with approximately 1.4 million procedures performed each year.

LASIK appears to be safe and effective, with only a small tendency to increase myopia in the first few years after surgery.

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