What should i expect during the procedure for lasik surgery?

An anesthetic drop will be placed in the eye, the area around the eye will be cleaned, and an instrument called an eyelid speculum will be used to keep the eyelids open. The doctor can use a mechanical microkeratome (a device with a blade) to cut a flap in the cornea. During the procedure, the eye is first numbed with special eye drops. The surgeon uses a femtosecond laser or a blade called a microkeratome to cut a thin flap of tissue from the front of the eye.

The doctor then removes the flap to reveal the cornea. Visual recovery after LASIK is relatively quick and requires no stitches. Right after LASIK surgery, you can expect your vision to be blurry for at least a few hours. It can also be normal to experience temporary itchy eyes, itching, and sensitivity to light.

Your doctor will tell you to close your eyes to rest for a short time after surgery and before you are discharged to go home. Since the sedative given immediately before LASIK can also affect your ability to drive, make sure you have arranged reliable transportation to get home after LASIK surgery, as you will not be allowed to drive home immediately after the procedure. Before going to the LASIK surgery center, confirm that you have pre-arranged transportation to get home after the procedure. LASIK is considered an outpatient procedure, so you can go home right after your surgery is complete.

You should ask someone to drive you back and forth to surgery, since you won't be able to drive home after LASIK surgery. Recovery from LASIK surgery is relatively quick and the patient can leave as soon as they feel able. LASIK surgery can seem overwhelming, even if you know you're a candidate and are prepared for the procedure. LASIK is an acronym for laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis, a type of laser eye surgery that permanently remodels the cornea to correct refractive errors.

You will lie on a padded surgical bed with an ergonomic headrest that comfortably supports your head and neck, helping to reduce possible head movements during the short duration of LASIK surgery.

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